In this page you will find the most common workout routines.

But are meant to be done at home!!! 


4 days split.!


Resistance Bands – loop type or with handles, you choose!

Bench or chair – same exercise can be done on your knees.

Door/outdoor anchor.


Supersets only ... 4 x 10 repetitions. Rest between sets. Give it all!

Super set 1

Chest press

Place a resistance band around your shoulder blades, elbows tucked at 45°, press out hold for 1 sec. and return to starting position. Repeat. Can be done in your knees.


Stand on band, feet shoulder width, handles next to your shoulders; squat down with tight core and straight back,  stand up through heels and squeez glutes.

Super set 2

Standing Row

Anchor point at chest height, feet hips width apart, chest up and head straight. Arms straight out (parallel with the floor), and palms down, pull your elbows back until they are even with your shoulders. Return to the starting position, slowly. Repeat.

Close Grip Curl

Stand on bands, shoulder wide apart, grab handles with palms towards the ceiling,  straight back and tight core, elbows on fixed position curl you hands up, hold for 1 sec. and return to start position. Repeat.

Super set 3

Tricep Pushdown

Anchor point above your head, both hands (palms facing in) below chest height, elbows tight into your side and drive your hands down towards your waist, rotate hands slightly outward as you do, hold for 1 sec. and return to star position. Repeat.

Shoulder Press

Sit or kneel on band, hold the other end at shoulder height, palms facing forward. Extend arms above you, just wider than shoulder width. Hold for 1 sec and slowly return to start position.Repeat.

Super set 4

Ab Crunch

Anchor point above your head, grip a side of the band(s) in each hand, high enough so they are beginning to stretch, crunch your body down and forward with your elbows moving towards the floor right in front of your knees. Hold for 1 sec. and slowly go to starting position. Repeat.


Calf Raise

Anchor point at ankle height, turn your back to the same point, grip the band high enough so when standing up straight, they are beginning to stretch. Raise your heels off the floor until you cannot get any higher on your toes. Hold for 1 sec. and slowly go to starting position. Repeat.

More routines are being prepared.

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